• Patented 30 round belt fed pellet magazine
  • powered by 90g CO2 cartridge
  • More Realistic,economical training and practice

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Typically, firearms companies tend to shy away from air rifles and likewise, air rifle companies don’t take up explosive projectiles. The reasoning varies from completely different markets, legal implications, to the actual significant technical differences between the two propellant modes. Regardless, seeing cross-over is rare.

As such, it came as quite the surprise to many in both worlds when Sig Sauer didn’t just work to bridge to divide with a product or two, but decided to go full-tilt into the air rifle world. The German / New Hampshire company has released products across an entire swath of the airgun world including targets, ammunition, pistols, and rifles. Further, almost all of the airgun offerings are semi-automatic, which is a mean engineering feat considering the lower pressures at play to cycle actions.Released to much fanfare and continuing to push performance limits, the Sig MPX is an AR-inspired pistol caliber carbine. Fed from double-stack 30 round mags the rifle and its pistol cousins are non-blowback semi-automatic carbines ideal for competition, home defense, and general plinking/utility. Simply put, is a good gun, with good performance, and good reviews.


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