Outdoor Self Defense



– Draw weight: 150 LBS
– Velocity: 210 FPS – 64 m/s
– Accurate up to 45 meters
– Weight: 2545 grams
– Length: 86,4 cm
– Width: 66,0 cm
– Rail type: 11 mm dovetail
– Fiberglass limb
– Aluminum barrel
– Including 2 Man Kung 14-inch aluminum crossbow bolts

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This crossbow is almost the same as the MK-150A1PB, but unlike that model, it is equipped with a wooden stock and a wooden front handle. That gives it a classic look. Just like the MK-150A1PB, it is equipped with automatic safety so that you can shoot safely. The sight is adjustable in height and can be corrected for the wind. This crossbow comes with 2 bolts.


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