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The BSA V-Scout break barrel air rifle is perfect for recreational shooting in the garden. It will surprise you with its light weight as soon as you pick it up. The shooting itself is pleasant and you will feel practically no recoil, which is not so surprising since the air rifle’s power does not exceed 5 J.
The wooden stock is plain and simple, so you won’t find a traditional rubber buttpad at the end of it. However, this does not change the fact that the stock is carefully crafted and represents a magnificent element of the whole design. As is customary, the surface in the grip area is roughened so that your fingers do not slip on it.
The two-stage polymer trigger is protected by a trigger guard and can be secured with a manual lever safety. A very pleasant surprise are the well-made fiber-optic iron sights with a three-point system – green rear sight and red front sight post. The front sight is fixed, but the rear sight can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally.
You can also attach a scope to the 11mm Dovetail rail located on the top of the rifle


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